The Genuine leather is protected from Covid-19

CONVID19 is a worldwide virus outbreak that has influenced billions of people all across the globe. It has not only disrupted daily routines but also disrupted business and all walks of life. It is pandemic, and the world is wisely making every possible measure to ensure this planet’s safety and overall survivability.

Thanks for the global community’s Health Consciousness that Borders are now closed, flights are closed, and it looks like lockdown, although it is severe but not up to this limit that world communities are panicking. It is urgent and necessary, but it is not an answer to this global concern. We have more severe and deadly health destructive viruses and diseases on this planet, but we haven’t panicked as such.

Without any delay, let’s see the authentic and medical approved information regarding this pandemic and see its consequences and how we can prevent it in the first place and how we can relax and deep breathe to relax.

Health promotion teams internationally recognize this healthcare issue, and they are promoting exceptional knowledge, including the route of transmission. We have gathered through our online and offline research that viruses spread through body fluids; only no other transmissions routes are research-based. As per WHO recommendations, we want to say that the First thing is to let doctors decide what is this all about don’t panic due to some media reports when you know that they are following just international political and marketing agendas. You all have internet connections go to WHO,, NHI’s authoritative websites, and take authentic information about it.

Do you ship items from China?

No, our products are not made or even ships through Chinese territories. Our warehouses are in the US, UK, and Pakistan. According to CDC – Currently, there is no evidence to support the transmission of COVID-19 associated with imported goods, and there have not been any cases of COVID-19 in the United States associated with imported goods.

Is your brand following precautionary measurements?

As we mentioned, it is our prime concern to help the customer stay safe and enjoy the best experience on our website.  Our employees are provided free equipment (Gloves, Mask, Sanitizers, etc) and we make sure to utilize it before designing your jacket.

Additionally, our employees are getting checked to ensure they remain in good health. We are monitoring each worker in this unforeseen situation and if any employee gets diagnosed with COVID-19 or notice any associated symptoms will placed into quarantine.

Is there going to be any delays in orders?

You may experience slight delays in receiving orders in this critical condition that has disturbed the whole world. We are working continuously to make sure your ordered products are in stock and delivered on time without any slowdowns.

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